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On Offer Seven Day Demand Seven Day Disbursals Members
Current £7,456,592 £303,894,987
Ratio: 582.2%
(Week 02 '16)
Since Midnight +0% -0.4% Quotes
Highest Ever £18,888,397
09 Sep '16
25 Oct '17
Week 02 '16
Data last downloaded from Zopa: 10:30 BST Sat, 28 Oct 2017.

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Full MI list

Data on these pages comes from Zopa's API and is pulled together by some home grown Perl scripts, a version of Haroon Rafique's rrd.cgi that I've modified and Tobi Oetiker's (in)famous RRDTool.

p2p money is another site that uses the data from Zopa's MI feed to compare available rates.

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